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Pet of the Month

pet Of The Month

At the ripe old age of 8, Chad is what BARCS refers to as a "senior dog." Assuming what I learned in 2nd grade is true, 1 year in dog world is RUFFly equivalent to 7 years in human world. Hmm let's see, carry the one, cross multiply, divide, watch a Khan Academy video....AHA it would appear that Chad is 56. Now I know what you're thinking, a 56 year old male leaves his family, goes buck wild in the streets of Baltimore for a few weeks, and then shacks up with a 24 year old bimbo. I promise you, this isn't a mid life crisis, he really loves me....he does...HE DOES....and my therapist agrees.

I'm not gonna lie to you, it's definitely been an adjustment. Chad was a stray, so his past life is a bit of a mystery with his current preferences being unveiled through an intricate game of guess and check. In the past month, I've learned that Chad responds to the name Chutney, speaks better Spanish than me, gets extremely gassy in cars (but I mean who doesn't), is petitioning for squirrel watching to become an official Olympic sport, and is a huge Hootie & the Blowfish fan. In a similar fashion, Chad has learned a number of things about me. I eat better food than him, keep a lot of weird stuff in the trash, and don't share his enthusiasm for 3 AM walks.

As the list of bizarre and unexplained personality traits has grown larger and more dramatic, so does our affection for each other. We're just a gently used dog and moderately used human, spending our days stumbling into each other's weird quirks.

- OUR Family

Andouille Buttons Charlie

Andouille Buttons Charlie

Andouille Buttons 10Roscoe_n_Beans

Andouille Buttons Charlie

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lewis stella russel

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