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Pet of the Month

pet Of The Month

Salami was found in NYC in Tribeca under the hood of a car when he was just a kitten. One evening my good friend emailed a group of friends about how someone had found him but needed to find him a home. I had grown up with dogs and really wanted a pet + was unsure about a cat. The pictures on the email were so adorable and we noticed he had thumbs. I fell in love. I called the person on a hot summer day and she told me that he had found a home. As I hung up I couldn't help but feeling sad. The next day I get a phone call from her stating that the people who had wanted him had backed out and asked if I was still interested. I said yes! My co worker gifted me with an older pet carrier to pick him up and my friends drove me to Queens the following weekend to see him. The person that had found him had named him Dominick...

We asked her what the full story was and she said that when she heard him meowing in the car she rallied some folks from nearby (italian restaurant) and they got him to come out of the car by offering him Salami. My friend and I looked at each other at that moment and thus Salami became his name. :) He's a little fatty tuxedo rascal that is around 9years old and moved down to Baltimore with me and has been my #1 since 2009."

- OUR Family

Andouille Buttons Charlie

Andouille Buttons Charlie

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Andouille Buttons Charlie

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