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This is Maggie. She is an 11 yo puggle, and big sis/(sister from another mr, haha) to third generation, 3yo Nellie.

Maggie has insulin dependent Diabetes, diagnosed by Brendan, about a year ago. As hard as we have tried her Diabetes is in brittle control , and sadly,she has lost most of her vision.

The amount of joy Maggie has given to our family over these last 11 years is immeasurable. She has gotten our family through so many heartbreaking situations, too many to count. The one constant through these difficult times was the amount of comforting, unconditional amount of love this old gal has given us.

We joined your practice as SOON as we found out where Brendan/ Dr Moulder had relocated to. We met him on our very first visit to Jacksonville Vet as a teenage employee, and watched him as he became a tech in college, and one day were THRILLED as he returned as DR MOULDER.His kindness towards our dog(s) has been wonderful and very comforting, especially now that Maggie is sick.

This may be Maggies last year with us, as this Disease is cruel and unpredictable.

- OUR Family

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Andouille Buttons Charlie

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Andouille Buttons Charlie

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