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Information on Pet Microchipping

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Pet Microchipping Service Provided at Belvedere Veterinary Center in Baltimore

At Belvedere Veterinary Center, we offer microchipping services for your cat or dog. Microchipping is fast, easy, and cost-effective when it comes to preventing lost pets. Explore the benefits and learn how it works.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping inserts an electronic chip into your pet's body. This chip will not allow you to track your pet; however, it will allow someone who finds your pet to search for their owner.

Microchipping your pet is no more complicated than having your pet vaccinated. The chip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted with a hypodermic needle. Once inserted, the chip will last for the life of your pet. While microchipping does hurt, the way that getting a shot hurts, it is more humane (and less painful) than other permanent pet identification options, such as tattooing.

Every microchip contains an identification number. If your pet becomes lost and winds up at an animal shelter, shelter workers will scan your pet using an electric scanner. The scanner will activate the chip and pick up the number. Shelter workers will then look up the chip in a database to obtain your contact information. It's your responsibility to keep the chip information up to date, in case your pet does become lost.

The Benefits of Microchipping

Microchipping lasts for the life of your pet, unlike an identification tag, which could fall off your pet's collar.

Microchipping your pets significantly increase the odds of a reunion if your pet goes missing. Dogs are returned over half of the time when they're microchipped, compared with less than 22 percent of the time if they are not microchipped. Cats are returned 38 percent of the time if they are microchipped, versus less than 2 percent if they are not microchipped.

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