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Pet Examinations at Belvedere Veterinary Center

If you've been a pet owner for any length of time, you may have marveled at how human-like the animals our lives really are. This similarly doesn't just apply to traits such as curiosity, intelligence or emotions, however; it also applies to their physical health and wellness needs. Just as humans need periodic medical checkups to evaluate their current state of health, so do pets need regular physical examinations that focus on the principal challenges they may face at various stages of life. That's why our team here at Belvedere Veterinary Center urges Baltimore pet owners to schedule pet exams at our clinic.

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Understanding Physical Exams

Your pet's eyes are bright, his nose is cold, and his tail is wagging, so does he really need to go through an entire physical examination on a regular basis? The answer is a resounding yes. Pets are vulnerable to many of the same diseases and disorders humans suffer from, including silent dangers such as high blood pressure, diabetes, internal cancers and organ dysfunction. These problems can grow progressively worse, doing more and more damage to your beloved friend, the longer they go unnoticed. Periodic physical exams allow our veterinarians to detect these hidden killers early enough to treat them as effectively and affordably as possible. Consider these exams a sound investment in your pet's future.

A typical physical exam involves a detailed evaluation of every aspect of your pet's internal and external health. These evaluations may include:

  • Vital sign readings such as heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Weighing your pet to make sure he isn't at risk for obesity
  • Inspection of the ears and eyes (and their function)
  • Examination of the skin to check for lumps or lesions
  • Blood testing, which can reveal the presence of everything from blood cell count and various diseases to high cholesterol
  • Urine testing to catch systemic problems such as liver disease and diabetes
  • Checks for dental problems, gum infections, and oral cancer
  • Fecal testing to check for the presence of parasites such as worms

Evaluations for Pets of All Ages

How often your pet should have an exam depends on his age and baseline health. Most adult animals with no evident medical problems should have an exam once a year. If your pet is under treatment for a known ailment, however, you may have to schedule more frequent exams. Senior pets (those aged around 7 or older) should routinely receive two exams per year because these animals are at elevated risk for age-related diseases and chronic pain issues. Puppies and kittens may need multiple checkups, along with vaccinations and other wellness care, during their first year of life. We will advise you on the proper schedule for your individual pet.

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